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Books on
Hawaiian Culture

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Na Mele Hula
by Nona Beamer

Presents thirty-six of Hawaii's cherished hula chants. The richly poetic Hawaiian text of each chant is presented alongside full English translations, annotations, and Nona's highly personal commentaries on historical background and performance context. (96pp - softcover $25 book and tape cassette)

Laau Hawaii: Traditional Hawaiian Uses of Plants
by Isabella Aiona Abbott

Hawaiian traditions of plant use. Topics include food, clothing, cordage, shelter, canoes, tools, housewares, medicines, religious objects, weaponry, personal adornment, and recreation. Reviving Hawaiian culture depends heavily on protection of traditional plants and perpetuation of ancient knowledge about their cultivation and use. (176pp - softcover $22.95)

Surfing - A History of the Ancient Hawaiian Sport
by Ben Finney and James D. Houston

Surfing traces the history of the sport from ancient times through the mid 1960s. Explores the development of the surfboard and follows surfing's timeline from the earliest legends to the accomplishments of modern surfing heroes. (120pp - softcover $25)

Na Lei Makamae: The Treasured Lei
by Marie A. McDonald; Paul R. Weissich

Lei are the very expression of traditional Hawaiian culture. The book reveals the significance of making and wearing lei and their role in Hawaiian ritual and dance. This volume covers eighty-five flowers and plants (and another dozen color variations) used in traditional lei construction. Lavish color photographs. 2004 Ka Palapala Pookela Award for Excellence in General Hawaiian Culture. (200pp - hardcover $49.95)

Discovery: The Hawaiian Odyssey
edited by Eric Herter, with six essays by six authors

Chronicles the dramatic saga of Polynesian exploration, celebrating the genius of ancient navigators and the triumph of Hawaiian civilization. Photos and essays by Hawaii's most thoughtful observers. Winner of numerous prestigious awards for design, photography, and writing. (160pp - hardcover $19.95)

Hawaiian Mythology
by Martha Warren Beckwith

"Invaluable for all those whose interest lies with the myths, legends, traditions, and folktales of the Hawaiian peoples ... a classic of Hawaiian ethnography and folklore." --Mankind Quarterly. Introduction by Katherine Luomala (606pp - softcover $18.95)

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