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Books on
Hawaiian Culture

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Island Fire: An Anthology of Literature from Hawaii
ed. by Cheryl Harstad; James R. Harstad

From the poignant "The Queen's Prayer," written by Hawaii's last reigning monarch, to Ryan Monico's "The Million-Dollar Mango Tree," a tribute to his grandfather's pickled mango, the editors present finely textured narratives of life in Hawai`i by some of the state's most respected writers and observers. 2003 Ka Palapala Pookela Award for Excellence in Literature. (200pp - softcover $15)

as told by Dietrich Varez and Pua Kanakaole Kanahele; illustrated by Dietrich Varez

The ancient myth of Pele, fire-goddess of Kilauea volcano. We follow her as she is taught the secret of fire by her wise uncle, and eventually is forced to look for a new home. She finds her way to the fiery crater of Halemaumau where she encounters the Fire God, Ailaau, and battles him for possession of the volcano. (52pp - hardcover $16)

Pana Oahu: Sacred Stones, Sacred Land
ed. by Jan Becket; Joseph Singer

The sixty Oahu heiau photographed and described provide a compelling argument for the preservation of Hawaiian sacred places. The modest sites of the makaainana (commoners)--small fishing, agricultural, craft, and family shrines--are given particular attention. 2000 Ka Palapala Pookela Award for Excellence in Photography. (220pp - hardcover $39.95)

Arts & Crafts of Hawaii
by Sir Peter H. Buck (Te Rangi Hiroa)

Thirteen separate publications written by Peter H. Buck, director of Bishop Museum from 1936 until his death in 1951. Each publication covers an aspect of Hawaiian culture: Food; Houses; Plaiting; Twined Basket; Clothing; Canoes; Fishing; Games & Recreation; Musical Instruments; War & Weapons; Religion; Ornaments & Personal Adornment; Death & Burial. (softcover - $8.95 for each publication)

Lua: Art of the Hawaiian Warrior
by Paglinawan, Richard, Mitchell Eli, Moses Kalauokalani, & J.Walker

The ancient Hawaiian art of combat known as lua has played an intricate role in Hawaiian history. An introduction to lua's history, philosophy, techniques, weapons, attire, and current training practices. Excellent for practitioners or those interested in knowing more about the art. (176pp - softcover $19.95)

The Food of Paradise : Exploring Hawaii's Culinary Heritage
by Rachel Laudan

Hawaii has perhaps the most culturally diverse population on earth. Bringing together their culinary traditions on the Islands, the book presents the polyglot world of local food: the plate lunch, Spam, mochi, seaweed, shaved ice, sushi, and all the other dishes that Hawaiians eat every day. Primarily a living and lively culinary history, 150 odd recipes for the most commonplace Hawaiian dishes are included. (384pp - softcover $27.95, hardcover $42.95)

Surfing: Images from the Bishop Museum Archives
by DeSoto Brown

Offers over 120 images from Hawaii's surfing history. Filled with some of the most famous images of wave riding and wave riders in Hawaii, many of the images have never been published. Interwoven with stories and captions that offer new insight into Hawaii's homegrown sport. (156pp - softcover $16.95)

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