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Island Tom Recommends

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Books on Hawaiian History
(In no particular order)
Note: Book prices and availability are subject to change.

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Fornander Collection of Hawaiian Antiquities and Folk-Lore
by Abraham Fornander

This limited edition, seminal work is considered one of the most comprehensive sets of writings on Hawaiian folklore and ancient tradition. Originally published by Bishop Museum press in 1917, the collection provides an opportunity to explore rare accounts of Hawaiian history. (Reprinted in 3 hardcover vols. - $395 - Bishop Museum's Pacifica Shop)

Ancient Hawaii
by Herb Kawainui Kane

This is the story of a people of an ocean world: how they found the most remote islands on Earth, how they lived, how they viewed themselves and their universe, and how -- without metals or the fuels and inventions necessary for life today -- they survived and prospered. (112pp - softcover $12.50, hardcover $16.50)

Shoal of Time: a History of the Hawaiian Islands
Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands
by Gavan Daws

Gavan Daws' remarkable achievement is to free Hawaiian history from the dust of antiquity. Based on years of work with the documentary sources, Shoal of Time emerges as one of the most readable of all Hawaiian histories. (510pp - softcover $14.95)

The Island Edge of America: A Political History of Hawaii
by Tom Coffman

A political narrative of twentieth-century Hawaii. The Island Edge of America reinterprets the major events leading up to and following statehood in 1959. Winner, 2004 Ka Palapala Pookela Award for Excellence in Writing Nonfiction. (370pp - softcover $18.95, hardcover $42)

Nation Within: The Story of America's Annexation of the Nation of Hawaii
by Tom Coffman

The most original and best researched account on the U.S. annexation of Hawaii--and the Hawaiians' opposition, then and now, to that annexation. "The story is compelling...for the Hawaiians’ trust that the American democratic process would protect their independence and their lands." --Walter LaFeber, Cornell University. (360pp - softcover $20, accompanying video $30)

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