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Books on
Hawaiian History

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Native Land and Foreign Desires: Pehea La E Pono Ai? How Shall We Live in Harmony?
by Lilikala Kameeleihiwa

The first detailed analysis of the Mahele (land division of 1848) from a contemporary Hawaiian perspective. Using Hawaiian language resources, the author analyzes the traditional Hawaiian relationship, both spiritual and political, to the land. (424pp - softcover $29.95)

Broken Trust: Greed, Mismanagement, and Political Manipulation at America’s Largest Charitable Trust
by Samuel P. King; Randall W. Roth

In August 1997, Bishop Estate trustees were publicly charged with gross incompetence and massive trust abuse. Entitled “Broken Trust,” the statement provided devastating details of rigged appointments, violated trusts, cynical manipulation of the trust’s beneficiaries, and the shameful involvement of many of Hawaii’s powerful.
(336pp - softcover $16, hardcover $26)

To Steal a Kingdom
by Michael Dougherty

Essential reading for understanding the historical basis of today's Hawaiian sovereignty movement. A powerful indictment of the western intrusion on Hawaii. Documents the character and actions of the men who sired the elite who rule Hawaii today.
1997 Gustavus Meyer Human Rights Award. (246pp - softcover $12.95)

And Then There Were None
by Martha H. Noyes

A compilation of historical facts, quotes and inspired commentary based on the documentary film by Lindsey Buyers, Ph.D. A visual journey of Hawaii’s places and people as seen through the lens of a painful history but one that offers an emotional awakening–a potential open door for sharing, learning and healing.
(109pp - hardcover $10.95)

Fragments of Hawaiian History
by John Papa Ii; translated by Mary Kawena Pukui

John Papa Ii, one of the leading citizens of the Hawaiian kingdom during the 19th century, left a unique and invaluable record in "Fragments of Hawaiian History." He describes life under the Kamehamehas with the authority of a first-hand witness, presenting personal experiences and revealing the pattern of Hawaiian culture as it actually functioned.
(212pp - softcover $14.95)

Holy Man: Father Damien of Molokai
by Gavan Daws

"May be the best biography of Damien yet written. Carefully researched and reported, the author’s fascination with the man and Hansen's disease is transmitted to the reader." --Library Journal. "Beautifully written, deeply perceptive." --Los Angeles Times. "History with a very special human face ..." --Journal of Pacific History. (308pp - softcover $14.95)

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