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Nature Guides

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The Hikers Guide to the Hawaiian Islands
by Stuart M. Ball Jr.

A detailed and fully illustrated guide to the best day hikes on the Big Island, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu. Each island is represented by an equal number of hikes, 44 in all. Together they offer the chance to explore some of Hawaii's most spectacular scenery. 2000 Ka Palapala Pookela Award for Excellence in Guide Books (264pp - softcover $19.95)

Remains of a Rainbow
by David Liittschwager & Susan Middleton

The volcanic islands of Hawaii are home to hundreds of species found nowhere else on Earth. More than 140 images capture spectacular blooms, vividly patterned tree snails, exquisite iridescent insects, and agile birds. All species are vulnerable, and many are endangered. The delicate balance of their environment, intact for millions of years, has been upset by invaders from the outside world. (264pp - softcover $30)

Hawaii's Beautiful Birds
by H. Douglas Pratt

A photographic guide to the beautiful avian inhabitants of the islands, their habitat, and behavior. Featuring full-color photographs of over 100 species and informative text. (64pp - softcover $10.95)

Hawaii's Tropical Trees
by Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves

Learn about the Aloha State's exotic tropical foliage, from the immense banyan and versatile breadfruit to the prized koa and Hawaii's official state tree, the kukui. Informative text and more than 130 full-color photographs make this an excellent resource for nature lovers. (64pp - softcover $5.99)

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