A Night of Sovereign Strings: Kanikapila and Talk Story

Na Mea Hawaii

1050 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96814

Experience the vibrant music of the Hawaiian Kingdom reimagined.

Join Maestro Aaron Mahi, Luthier Kilin Reece and very special guests Puka Asing, Adam Asing, Lance Suzuki, Fumiko Wellington, Duane Padilla, and Anna Callner for an evening of music and history as they delve into the backstory of the upcoming concert, A Night of Sovereign Strings: Celebrating the Musical Legacy of Mekia KealakaiJanuary 12th and 13th at the Honolulu Museum of Art's Doris Duke Theatre

Luthier and music scholar, Kilin Reece, will give a short talk illuminating the vibrant and cosmopolitan musical community of the 19th-century Hawaiian Kingdom, and will focus primarily on the the life and work of Berger's star pupil Mekia Kealakaʻi: Prolific composer, innovative multi-instrumentalist, and songwriting partner to both Liliʻuokalani and Kalākaua.

Kealakaʻi worked tirelessly to synthesize the unprecedented diversity of the Kingdom's musical cultures into a hybrid brass-meets-string ensemble style that would spread like wildfire around the world at the dawn of the 20th-century. Reece will trace the influence of the Hawaiian hand in the evolution of not only our modern global soundscape but also the design of the iconic stringed instruments that bring it to life.

Sunday, 06 January, 2019


Josh Tengan