The Women's Voices Theater Festival

The Arts at Marks Garage

Honolulu, HI 96817
United States

Dozens of writers and playwrights, who identify as women, have submitted short works for this important festival at the ARTS at Marks Garage on Monday, January 21st. This nation-wide festival consists of over 50 companies all over the United States each presenting a world premiere production of a work by one or more female playwrights. The festival is "the largest collaboration of theater companies working simultaneously to produce original works by female writers in history". The Coordinating Producers of the Women's Voices Theater Festival are Nan Barnett of the National New Play Network - (NNPN) and former NNPN General Manager Jojo Ruf. In Hawaiʻi, the theatre companies who have organized this event are EPOC Theatre Company and PlayBuilders of Hawaii Theater Company and headed by theatre makers Lanaly Cabalo, Jan McGrath, Carol Polcovar, Robert St John, Terri Madden, Sujatha Raman, and Wayland Quintero. 


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Monday, 21 January, 2019


PlayBuilders of Hawaii Theater Company

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