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Piko Dance Arts presents "Raw/Lineage" a live pop-up gallery performance. The show was conceived one afternoon during a delicious and spicy meal in Honolulu's Chinatown with Sami L.A. Akuna, Sequoia Carr-Brown, and Kara Jhalak Miller. The gist of the conversation over the ono food centered around a need to find a way to present a work-in-progress showing, generate dialogue over various personal and social justice issues important to the creators, and receive feedback from the community regarding the artistic development of new live performance artwork.  

The first half of the show, "Raw" features three short solos from "Walking on Eggshells" a larger full concert-length work-in-progress show in development focusing on issues of gender, racism, and sexism created and performed individually by Akuna, Carr-Brown, and Miller. The solos will be followed by a discussion with the audience on theme and content.

The second half of the performance, "Lineage" includes a variety of new, reprised, and repertoire dances from Akuna, Carr-Brown, and Miller in honor of a lineage to their individual past and present, and, respective groups.

Akuna presents Giinko Marischino in "Mother" (2003) which looks at the matriarchal lineage that is passed down from mother to child, exploring the bonding and growth of the child inside the womb, the expression of the umbilical cord as a direct link of generational knowledge, physical qualities, emotion, and food, the severance of the umbilical cord from mother and child and how that bind is maintained throughout.  

Carr-Brown presents 'StRaNgE FrUiT XPrEsS'. "Reverence" (2019) and "American Me?" (2017), an exploration of maintaining cultural pride while navigating through oppressive American institutional systems. The choreography of the pieces are prompted by the questions, What is considered a real American? How does capitalism facilitate equality and justice? Is it possible to navigate hypocritical social systems? If so, then how does one remain empowered? Both pieces are based in Butoh/Modern fusion with elements of improvisational movement.  "American Me" features performers Carr-Brown, Willow Chang, Tammie Kim, and Sheryl Nicholson.

Miller explores the theme of Lineage with her company Jhalak Dance. Dancers Tina Chan, Cy Higashi, Lance Sabado, Terry Slaughter, and Katelyn Wyatt perform excerpts from Miller's "Shift" (2019) and the premiere of "Threshold" (2020) a choreography exploring the boundaries of the soul within and without. A new first draft of "What is Revealed" (work-in-progress) is in collaboration with projected images from New York City based visual artist Alberte Bernier, and features movement improvisation sketches in response to Bernier's paintings with Akuna, Carr-Brown, Miller, and Jhalak Dance ensemble.

Thursday, 30 January, 2020

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