OKTO Collective Holds Global Launch at Alohilani Resort

ʻAlohilani Resort

2490 Kalakaua Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96815
United States

HONOLULU, HI (Jan. 15, 2020) �" OKTO Collective (OKTO), Hawaii’s first experiential marketing group, is pleased to announce it will be partnering with Toronto based Be The Change on January 25th at ‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach to introduce both companies to the Hawaii and Asia Pacific markets. The launch event will showcase a unique sustainable eco-fashion show, raise awareness and money for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, as well as serve as OKTO’s official global launch.

OKTO is the brainchild of co-founder and longtime creative pro Angel Deihl. After many years of working in the fashion, entertainment, and creative industries in Hawaii, Angel saw a need to create a “one-stop shop” for underrepresented creative professionals to be connected to local and global brands and vice versa.
“Many companies in Hawaii think you’ll get higher quality creative content for marketing campaigns by flying in photographers, stylists, or creative directors from LA or New York. In my experience, this isn’t true nor is it a cost effective way to promote a brand here in Hawaii. There is a huge untapped pool of topflight creative talent right here that is underutilized and looking for work. OKTO was created to bring these two groups together via the collective’s experiential marketing, creative and talent teams,” said OKTO Co-Founder and Creative Director Angel Deihl.

“We’d like to help reverse the flight of the state’s top creative talent from leaving home in search of opportunities elsewhere. If we succeed, this will not only help all creative professionals here in Hawaii, but also have a direct and positive impact on our client’s financial statements,” added Nick Azari, President and Co-Owner of OKTO.

While planning the launch event, the OKTO management team decided it would be best to shine a light on its creative and talent teams, clients and friends rather than itself. 

“We are using this event as a platform to introduce Hawaii to Lanikai the Label, an Australian-based fashion designer; eco-fashion label CANUSSA from Madrid Spain; Los Angeles singer Cozy Boy; and Afro-world beat house DJ Lucky Kids; along with many other close friends of OKTO. We are especially excited to introduce Be The Change to Hawaii. Partnering with Be The Change not only sends out a great eco-fashion message, but it also enables our our event to be covered by FashionTV, with 520 million viewers globally; Samsung TV/Glewed TV, with 200 million viewers; Be The Change TV in partnership with SimulTV, with 190 million viewers in 80 countries; Rodgers/NOVA Vision TV, with 20 million viewers; and CaribVision, with 12 million viewers in the Caribbean region,” said Ms. Deihl. 

Saturday, 25 January, 2020


Chris Aguinaldo