Aloha Fry-Day by Hannah Ii-Epstein


Honolulu, HI

In many indigenous cultures, hallucinogens are inextricably linked to rituals celebrating liminality, their consciousness-expanding qualities can also induce therapeutic emotional release from trauma, but during a night of jubilant euphoria in the 1990s, Sherrie’s unresolved memories erupt into tragedy.   

The final act in Ii-Epstein’s North Shore O`ahu drug trilogy, Aloha Fry-Day follows four friends, Sherrie, Sistah, Lei, and Jason as they meet in the forest to mourn a friend’s death by spreading his ashes and taking hallucinogens. What they find on their mission is unexpected as they share stories which are haunted by the ghosts of the `aina. 

Thursday, 28 January, 2021


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