(A People's Past, Present and Future)

In a spiritual sense;
the dragon embodies
the Hawaiian people's
past, present and future.

The head of the dragon
represents the hope
of the future.

Spiritual energy
lies in the body
of the dragon.

History is represented
by the tail
of the dragon -
the genealogy
that links everyone

Everything genuine people need
to understand about behavior
is in their past history.

If there is
no knowledge of the past,
then there is
no future.

The dragon's tail
serves to provide
balance and direction.

Without a tail,
the dragon is off balance
and cannot walk straight.

Today, many of the Hawaiian's tails
have been cut or damaged.

their tails are not
Hawaiian tails.

The Hawaiian people,
like the dragon,
must have its own history
for guidance and direction.

For if the people's future
is in the past,
then without the past,
the people have no future.

The only way
people's tails will grow
is to grow it themselves -
by knowing and understanding
their past, their history.

We are all, individually, the dragon.
We have our own history or tail
that directs and guides us.

Our own hind legs
that support us
where we need to go.

Our own hands,
that test and inquire.

Our own head,
that determines
our own future.

When the dragon is whole and genuine,
it is sovereign and independent.
For a people to be whole and genuine,
they must first attain
sovereignty and independence within.

Become the dragon ...

Island Tom
Fall 1995


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