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  An den? and then? So?
Any kine: any kind.
Ass right: that's right.
Bo da dem: both of them.
Braddah: brother.
Brah: friend, buddy.
Brok da mout: tastes delicious.
Bummahs: bummer, too bad.
Da kine: anything to which you are referring.
Grind: eat.
Grinds: food.
How you figga? what do you think?
Howzit? how are you doing?
K den: OK, agreed.
Kaukau: food or chow.
Lesgo: let's go.
Lolo: dummy, stupid.
Mo bettah: much better.
Moke: large local tough guy.
No can: cannot, not possible.
Ono: tasty.
Onoliscious: very tasty, delicious!
Pau hana: finished work for the day.
Slippah: thongs, slippers.
Stink eye: mean or dirty look.
Talk stink: speaking badly about someone.
Talk story: rap; chew the fat, chat.
Tanks: thanks.
To da max: all the way; most you can get.

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