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Holoholo Ku Heiau
©William Crowe
Wailua River State Park (East Side)

Feared Death, Favored Birth

A much-feared place of human sacrifice as well as the site of a birthing stone. A child born at the birthing stone gained incredible mana (divine power) and a chiefly status. The umbilical cords of the newborn were well hidden in the nearby stones. If rats ate the cord, the child would grow up to be a disgrace to his parents and a thief. "Pau Piko Ka Iole" (navel cord gone to the rats) was an insult no Hawaiian wished to hear.

Wailua Valley
©William Crowe
Wailua River State Park (East Side)

Sacred and Forbidden

Spirits of the dead chiefs are said to still gather on the upland plains and march as night marchers in ghostly processions with drums and flutes. Listen, then hide! People call the spirits by fasting for two days, lighting a kukui-nut lamp, drinking some kukui-nut oil to cleanse the body, drinking some awa, maybe smoking a little weed. Then you call them. They will come.

temple of hula goddess of hula vacation rentals hawaii
Kee Beach (North Shore)

The Temple of Hula

An ancient temple dedicated to Laka, Goddess of the Hula. The Halau Hula (House of Hula) was the training site. Dancers could not cut their hair or nails, certain foods were kapu (forbidden), and no sexual intercourse was allowed. The erotic dancing of the islands of Polynesia was intended to bring about fertility in nature. In hula lies the rich, dramatic history of Hawaii presented in sensual, visual, and audible forms.

Source: Unless otherwise noted, photographs and text are excerpted from Exploring Lost Hawaii: Places of Power, History, Mystery & Magic with the permission of the authors, Ellie and William Crowe and with credit to Island Heritage, publisher of the book. To order this unique, informative, and critically acclaimed guidebook, visit Exploring Lost Hawaii.

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