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Haleakala Crater
Haleakala National Park (Upcountry Maui)

The Strongest Natural Power Point in the U.S.

In the largest dormant volcano in the world, there is an energy configuration coming from the earth and a high focus of radiation coming from outside the atmosphere. Students of higher consciousness from around the world are attracted to the energy force here and believe it accelerates personal growth. This is a true place of power.

Piilanihale Heiau
©William Crowe
Hana (East Maui)

Largest Sacrificial Heiau in Hawaii

Attempting to cleanse the land of past evils, church members approached the heiau and saw a warrior standing on the wall confronting them. Suddenly, the warrior turned and fled, and chariots appeared in the sky. The property owners have been most reluctant to allow the public anywhere near the heiau, believing that "if you call them, they will eat you".

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Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach - Hana, Maui
Hana (East Maui)

Scene of Ancient Murder

Legend says that the beautiful Princess Popoalaea escaped from her cruel and jealous husband and hid in this cave. When the chief found her, she was savagely murdered. In the spring, when the tragedy took place, red shrimp give the cave a red hue. Is it a sign of forgiveness, or the casting out of an evil spirit?

Source: Unless otherwise noted, photographs and text are excerpted from Exploring Lost Hawaii: Places of Power, History, Mystery & Magic with the permission of the authors, Ellie and William Crowe and with credit to Island Heritage, publisher of the book. To order this unique, informative, and critically acclaimed guidebook, visit Exploring Lost Hawaii.

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