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Kauleonanahoa Phallic Rock
©William Crowe
Palaau State Park (Central Molokai)

There is Life in the Stone

A legendary fertility tool, a six-foot high natural stone standing erect in a dense grove of ironwood trees. Legend says that if a woman goes to Kauleonanahoa with offerings and spends the night there, she will return home pregnant.

Kawela Batlefield
©William Crowe
Kawela Area (Central Molokai)

Night Marchersí Right-Of-Way

Visitors from another dimension are commonplace in this area. A resident whose house is on the path of the Night Marchers (ghost warriors) simply leaves the front and back doors open on the nights they march. He says that saves him from being bothered by them as they walk through the house carrying their torches, laughing and making a noise, going to their canoes.

Sacred Grove of Lanikaula
©William Crowe
Puu O Hoku Ranch (East Molokai)

Bewitched Burial Site

The grave of a great and feared prophet lies hidden in a sacred grove of kukui trees. Although a practitioner of powerful sorcery, he was unable to prevent his rivals from praying him to death. In later years, when a farmer attempted to cut down part of the grove of kukui, he suffered a stroke and was paralyzed. No crops grew, and the farmer died in poverty. Donít mess with a prophetís grave!

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Halawa Valley, East Molokai
Halawa Valley (East Molokai)

Valley of Sorcerers

The island of Molokai was known for its powerful sorcery, and this beautiful, remote valley was once the site of a school for sorcerers.

Source: Unless otherwise noted, photographs and text are excerpted from Exploring Lost Hawaii: Places of Power, History, Mystery & Magic with the permission of the authors, Ellie and William Crowe and with credit to Island Heritage, publisher of the book. To order this unique, informative, and critically acclaimed guidebook, visit Exploring Lost Hawaii.

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