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Kaena Point
Kaena Point (Leeward Oahu)

Leaping Place of Souls

Desolate Kaena Point was known as a place from which souls departed from the earth. Here, the souls of the dead, or near dead, wandered. Here they leaped into the night. Good souls moved to the right when leaping; those who moved to the left fell into "the pit of endless night."

Kukaniloko Birthstones
© William Crowe
Wahiawa (Central Oahu)

Birthplace of Chiefs

The sacred birthing stone of Hawaiian royalty. A large, brown lava rock with a sculptured area that supported the mother in a semi-sitting position while she gave birth. Often women who come to this site experience birthing pains identifying with the mothers of the past.

Manoa Chinese Cemetery
© William Crowe
Manoa Valley (Honolulu / Manoa Area)

Home of Fireballs and Spirits

The cemetery has a reputation of being haunted. Over many years, tales have spread about the glowing fires and swirling little balls of light that fly over the graves here. The Hawaiians refer to fireballs as akua lele, or Flying Gods. Some say that the appearance of such a ball of light is an omen of impending death.

Ulupo Heiau
© Tom Clements
Kailua (Windward Oahu)

The Menehune Pathway

A heiau so ancient that it is believed the menehune (a legendary race of small people) built it. The menehune had a reputation for hard work, and they are believed to have hauled the rocks a long distance, passing them down a line hand-to-hand in a single night. A pathway of stones leading across the platform is known as the "menehune pathway".

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Kaaawa Valley
Kaaawa (Windward Oahu)

Secret Burial Caves and Night Marchers

The remains of more than four hundred chiefs are said to be buried in the caves above Kualoa Ranch. Night marchers have been seen here, chiefs and warriors in huge ghostly processions, marching from their burial caves high in the mountains to the sea. Some of the many road accidents in the area have been attributed to these sightings.

Source: Unless otherwise noted, photographs and text are excerpted from Exploring Lost Hawaii: Places of Power, History, Mystery & Magic with the permission of the authors, Ellie and William Crowe and with credit to Island Heritage, publisher of the book. To order this unique, informative, and critically acclaimed guidebook, visit Exploring Lost Hawaii.

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