(A Center of a New Beginning)

Too many have come to Hawaii
with too much that is destructive
and too little that sustains
the life of the land.

From the outside came all the "isms" -
capitalism, racism, sexism -
giving birth to all the weeds
in our tropical garden.

Hawaiians had been taught
to hate themselves.
They had lost their identity,
their history,
their continuity of consciousness.
They feared freedom.

The Hawaiian People
had lost the ability
to heal and sustain themselves.
Hawaiians had the highest rates
of homelessness -
in their own Homeland!

Where there is no justice, there is violence.
Those who are responsible for the violence
are not those who do the violence,
but those who deny the justice.

Never again will justice be denied.
By reclaiming and embracing
their past,
today's Hawaiians
are assuring themselves
a future.

The old Hawaiians
had a strong sense of stewardship
toward the land.
The land, they believed, is like your mother -
you care for it,
and it cares for you.

The old Hawaiians believed
in a harmony
among all natural elements -
land, wind, sea,
and all living things.

The old Hawaiians embraced
an ideology of
sharing material things
and a family-like responsibility
of one to the other.

To the old Hawaiians,
everything was sacred:
Everything was to be respected;
not exploited, destroyed,
contaminated, or polluted.

To the old Hawaiians,
that is what everything is for;
to share and to give,
not to take and destroy.

Hawaii embodies such immense
strength and spirit
for the future.
Some people see Hawaii
as a center
of a new beginning -
the hope of the world.

We have to protect
this little corner of the earth.
We must maintain the balance.
We must keep the connection
with the land and the people.

We need to get away from the "isms".
We need to immerse ourselves
in our major resources,
the land and the people.

We must begin
to live our Hawaii
as we see
Hawaii must be.

Island Tom
March, 1998


©Alternative-Hawaii 2008