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The 50 Greatest
Hawaii Albums of All Time

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No. 27: THE MUSIC OF GEORGE HELM - 1977 - George Helm

A Hawaiian activist, his powerful voice and message continues to resonate today.

No. 28: HAWAIIAN STYLE - 1964 - The Kahauanu Lake Trio

Offered an alternative to the backyard ukulele style of Gabby Pahinui.

No. 29: WE ARE THE CHILDREN - 1974 - Country Comfort

Waimanalo country boys in their rock-influenced debut.

No. 30: ALOHA IS A PART OF ME, A PART OF YOU - 1986 - Moe Keale

A master of the ukulele with a beautiful voice - the pure Niihau sound.

No. 31: HAWAIIAN TRADITION - 1997 - Amy Hanaialii Gilliom

A classically trained voice in her first collaboration with Willie K. Her first completely Hawaiian language album.

No. 32: HAPA - 1992 - Hapa

New Jersey native Barry Flanagan learns to put poetry together in the Hawaiian mindset.

No. 33: VANISHING TREASURES - 1992 - Hawaiian Style Band

The defining moment for a couple of haole boys - a magical sound with consistently solid song writing.

No. 34: HONEYMOON IN HAWAII - 1960 - Hilo Hawaiians
(Out of Print)

One of the most notable groups to come out of the renowned Haili Choir in Hilo.

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