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The 50 Greatest
Hawaii Albums of All Time

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No. 43: THIRST QUENCHER! - 1990 - Hookena

Original compositions and older Hawaiian songs in a new, contemporary arrangement.

No. 44: FLYING WITH ANGELS - 1995 - Na Leo Pilimehana

No longer just the little high school girls people remembered. Growing up was a good thing.

No. 45: PURE HEART - 1998 - Pure Heart
(Out of Print)

Featuring percussionist Lopaka Colon, ukulele whiz Jake Shimabukuro and Jon Yamasto on vocals and guitar.

No. 46: SUNDAY MANOA 3 - 1973 - The Sunday Manoa

Even after Guava Jam, the group continued to expand the frontier for contemporary Hawaiian music.

No. 47: KAHAIALI'I - 1990 - Willie K
(Out of Print)

One of the most eclectic peformers in Hawaii, there's nothing he can't do.

No. 48: YELLOW BIRD - 1961 - Arthur Lyman

First tasted fame as Martin Denny's vibraphone player - his seminal hit was the mellow "Yellow Bird".

No. 49: ALOHA - CHARLES K. L. DAVIS SINGS AND PLAYS FOR HAWAI'I - 1992 - Charles K. L. Davis

Earned a reputation for his boisterous delivery of comic hapa-haole tunes.

No. 50: THE BEST OF THE KAHAUANU LAKE TRIO, VOL. 1 - 1983 - The Kahauanu Lake Trio

Stirred audiences with its jazz-infused, acoustic performances of Hawaiian music.

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