(Making the Land Shed Light)

Hawaii is the center of history -
the center of the world of time.
The power has shifted
to this sacred site.

In these Islands time is cyclical,
it has to do with
seasons and growing things -
not with events.

Man dwells naturally within this environment -
other parts of the world offer mere existence.
Hawaii is a preserve, a nurturing site
where plants and people can grow.

Try to make a garden of these Islands
that's in harmony with the way things really are.
Not in little rows, not in little beds.
Let plants and people that would like to grow together,
grow together.

By cultivating the soil and its people,
we make the land shed light.
By not raping this habitat,
we make love to the whole world.

The world as a whole needs the knowledge
that the preserve is there ...
it is part of being human.

Be human.
Infect people around the globe with the fever ...
together we will summon
the next real creatures from the Ark.

Island Tom
January 1991


©Alternative-Hawaii 2008