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Hawaiian Crafters Profile

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SINCE 1976

Bob McWilliams has been making and selling his high-fired, stoneware pottery on Oahu for over 20 years. His distinctive colors and unique designs have gained McWilliams a national reputation.

He has authored articles in Ceramics Monthly, an international magazine, and participated in juried art exhibits throughout the United States.

McWilliams pottery is unique in that he incorporates Western designs in functional pottery with the Eastern influence of Hawaii's Asian population.

McWilliams produces saimin bowls (soup bowls), pupu plates (chip-and-dip plates), dinner sets, pitchers, vases, casseroles, and many other functional items. His colors range from a beautiful lavender design on a matt-white background (see photo) to a deep, dark shiny brown-black (reminiscent of Japanese laquerware); or, from a shiny, elegant light blue to a forest green and bamboo-tan combination.

McWilliams has taught ceramics for many years and has been involved in making "tea-ware" - bowls and vessels for the Japanese tea ceremony called The Way of Tea.

Prices range from $10 to over $200 depending on the piece and its uniqueness.

For more information, please contact the artisan:

Bob McWilliams
P. O. Box 877
Waialua, Hawaii 96791
Phone/Fax: (808) 637-1248


Member: Pacific Handcrafters Guild

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