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Special Places
on Big Island

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Kau District

wf.jpg - 2.38 K KAMOA WIND FARM

Listen to the erie music of 10-story, power generating, futuristic windmills.

amg0003.jpg - 2.98 K SOUTH POINT

The southernmost tip of Hawaii and the southernmost point in the United States. The first landfall of the ancient Polynesians - loaded with archaeological sites.


green.jpg - 4.05 K GREEN SAND BEACH

The lava in this area contains olivine weathered into sandlike particles distributed along the beach.

bmg0067.jpg - 3.32 K WAIOHINU

A tiny village that is a classic example of the real Hawaiian lifestyle as it exists today.


dmg0060.jpg - 2.57 K
©Ann Cecil

The southernmost town in the United States - lush and verdant.

dmg0084.jpg - 3.32 K
©Ann Cecil

Famous for its black sand beach - freshwater springs can be found on the floor of the bay - as well as giant sea turtles.

Accommodations / Activity

sucane.jpg - 3.07 K PAHALA

One of the best-preserved examples of a classic sugar town in the islands.

tibud.jpg - 4.75 K WOOD VALLEY TEMPLE

A gaily painted Tibetan Buddhist temple and meditation center - a jewel on the top of a hill.


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