(Everything is Sacred)

Humans have arrived at a defining moment.
We must assume
conscious collective responsibility
for creating our future.

It is the time of the great turning
to a life-sustaining society.
We need a vision
of where we want to go.
Some people see Hawaii
as a center of a new beginning -
the hope of the world.

The old Hawaiians had a strong sense
of stewardship toward the land.
The land, they believed, is like your mother -
you care for it, and it cares for you.

To the old Hawaiians, everything was sacred:
everything was to be respected
not be
exploited, destroyed, contaminated, or polluted.

Embracing traditional Hawaiian values
may be the answer
for any emerging integral culture.
The world must share in the Hawaiian vision:

Loving the Aina (Land):
That which provides substance -
a gift
to be respected, valued, and protected.

Embracing Manaoio (Faith):
Respect for nature -
understanding one's self
as part of a larger system.

Seeking Lokahi (Unity, Balance, Harmony):
To be part of nature -
always striving to be
in a harmonious relationship with the world.

Giving Malama (Caring):
Caring -
for one another,
the land, the sea.

Achieve Ike (Knowledge):
The most important Hawaiian principle -
the core
of achieving sustainability.

Like the old Hawaiians,
we must return to the natural ways.
We must sincerely learn
that we are a part
of all that is.
Mother Earth is within us,
and we are within her.

We must take the rubble
from the old taker culture
and build something
beautiful, harmonious, and sacred.

It is no mere coincidence
that the state motto of Hawaii is:
Ua Mau Ke Ea Ka'aina I Ka Pono
which translates:
The Life of the Land is Preserved in Righteousness.

Hawaii Nei: The hope of the world.

Island Tom
4th of July, 2000


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