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The Navigators

Among the remote South Pacific Islands, Mau Piailug guides his men aboard their hand-hewn sailing canoes on long ocean passages. Without instruments or charts, he relies solely on his intricate knowledge of the sea and sky: of swells and currents, winds and weather, stars and the natural signs of birds and fish. Mau and a handful of other men may be the last keepers of the ancient secrets of Polynesian navigation. (Video: $29.95; DVD: $34.95)


Plunge into the realm of wild dolphins in the warm white sandbanks of the Bahamas and the wind-swept waters of Argentina. Brimming with details about the complex lives of these fascinating animals, this ocean adventure film takes you into the very heart of the world of Dolphins. (DVD: $35.00)

Holo Mai Pele

Holo Mai Pele (Pele Travels) tells the epic saga of the rivalry between Pele, Hawaiian goddess of the volcano, and her sister Hiiaka. Features a dazzling display of ancient hula and chant that weaves together archetypal themes of creation, love, and betrayal into a sweeping dramatic performance. (DVD: $22.95)

Dreams of Hawaii
Dreams of Hawaii

A taste of the intense scenic beauty that is Hawaii. Volcanoes, underwater scenes and waterfalls galore matched with a hauntingly beautiful musical score, this video will have you calling your travel agent in no time. (Video: $19.95)

Nat'l. Geographic: Strangers in Paradise
National Geographic's Hawaii: Strangers in Paradise (1991)

A thorough overview of the delicate and varied ecosystems found on the Hawaiian Islands. Since humankind's arrival, nearly 70 percent of Hawaii's native species have disappeared. Birds, fish, insects, and turtles all play important roles in species' disappearance. We have pushed nature to its own demise. Now humans must intervene to rescue what we have nearly destroyed.
(Video: $19.90)

The Hawaiians - Reflecting Spirit
The Hawaiians – Reflecting Spirit

A recent work by noted Hawaii filmmaker Edgy Lee - offering important cultural insights into who the Hawaiians are as a people, their origins, historical challenges and current social conditions, and the revival of spirit of a native people whose identity is intrinsically tied to their Hawaiian homelands. A film of transcendent splendor that defends Native rights and culture.
(Video $24.95; DVD: $26.95)

The Hawaiians - Reflecting Spirit
Then There Were None

To millions of travelers the world over, Hawaii is an alluring picture postcard paradise. But to Native Hawaiians, nothing could be further from the truth. This is their compelling story, of a race displaced by outside influences and now on the verge of extinction. A brilliantly told story unfolds in this award-winning documentary. (Video: $20)

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