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A Word About Hawaii's Accommodation Rates

Accommodation rates fluctuate, so they may vary from the figures quoted in this Guide.

During the winter season (from mid-December to mid-April) and major holidays, rates may increase.

Accommodation rates are not carved in lava. Inquire about the many discounts available e.g., AAA, Airline, Corporate, Credit Card, Entertainment Club, Kamaaina (local resident), Association Memberships, Military, Travel Agency. If eligible for any of the above or other special discounts, you'll quite often get a better price than the rates quoted in this guide.

For purposes of this Guide:
  • All rates quoted are for double occupancy unless otherwise stated.
  • Rates for B&B's and Cottages are normally based on a minimum of 3 nights occupancy. (A higher rate is usually charged for a 1 or 2 night stay.)
  • Most accommodations offer lower rates for weekly / monthly stays.
  • Rates for accommodations are:
    • Inexpensive: Under $100 per night
    • Moderate: Under $200 per night
    • Expensive: $200 and over per night

Accommodation rates do not include taxes.
Many properties also charge an extra cleaning fee.

In Hawaii, accommodations are subject to a maximum total tax of 11.962% consisting of a Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) of 7.25%, a General Excise Tax (GET) of 4.16%, plus a Honolulu County Surcharge Tax (CST) of 0.552% applicable to Oahu only.

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