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Alternative-Hawaii Guide to Big Island Beaches  

Big Island

(See also a Hawaii Beaches Pictorial)

Big Island Beaches Kohala Hamakua Hilo Puna Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Kau Kona Map ©Alternative-Hawaii
(Districts with listings clickable)

Kohala District (Part 1)

Kohala District (Part 2)

Kona District (Part 1)

Kona District (Part 2)

Kona District (Part 3)

Kau District

Puna District

Hilo District

Hamakua District

Note: Hawaii's beaches are beautiful but often treacherous. To familiarize yourself on potential hazards before visiting Hawaii, please see the Hawaii Lifeguards' site for Common Hazardous Beach and Ocean Conditions. When visiting a beach, please heed the following Basic Ocean Safety Tips provided by the lifeguards:
  • Swim in Lifeguarded Areas
  • Ask a Lifeguard About Beach and Surf Conditions Before Swimming
  • Never Swim Alone & Always Watch Your Children
  • Don't Dive Into Unknown Water or Into Shallow Breaking Waves
  • If You Are Unable to Swim Out of a Strong Current, Signal for Help
  • Rely on Your Swimming Ability Rather Than a Flotation Device
  • Look For, Read and Obey All Beach Safety Signs and Symbols
  • If In Doubt, Just Stay out!

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